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The worlds most advanced personalised blood testing designed to identify the earliest signs of disease for truly preventive healthcare

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Preventive Health Programmes

Designed to find the little things in your life that aren’t quite right, and help you fix them before they cause problems that are much more difficult to deal with.


Quick, easy and 100% confidential. The most advanced Men's ‘MOT’ designed to stop your body developing illnesses

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We ensure over 25 areas of your body are in optimal condition, by understanding your biomarkers, managing your wellbeing now and preventing health problems in your future

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Ultimate Wellbeing. For lifelong health and wellbeing this is the best possible way to prevent illness and take control of your body. Over 350 biomarker tests, with unlimited and personalised access to experts and solutions, for ultimate health care

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What makes us different

Unlike any other health care; we don’t wait until you are sick to make you better. We are constantly working to keep your entire body healthy.

Our strong track record has over 5000 people making health improvements

Track Record

Over 5000 people are now making health improvements with their personal & preventive health programme.

33 years of experience and £200 million power our unique treatments


33 years of diagnostic expertise and £200Million scientific intelligence - now available for you.

Our technology and tests are private and secure

Private & Secure

Privately owned and robustly protected –for our patents and our patients.

Our technology and tests are private and secure

Rapid Results

Faster than ever before; the latest Randox innovations power hundreds of Biomarker tests on your blood in less than 1 hour.

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Over 3000 people are now benefitting from their New Randox Personal Health Plans


of deaths due to chronic diseases


of adults have 1 chronic disease


of adults have 2 chronic diseases

Take control of your future health today

The best way to prevent health problems is to find the early signs of illness from biomarkers within your blood - only available with Randox Health - start saving your life today

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